Seven Reasons to Purchase Property in Phoenix

When looking to invest in property, there are few places quite like Phoenix, Arizona. The list of interesting things to do and see is never-ending and the economic growth in Phoenix is twice the national rate. With new real estate popping up across the Valley and Fortune 500 companies setting up shop, there’s no better time to invest in property in Phoenix.


According to the Phoenix Business Journal, job growth in the Phoenix area was projected to double that of the national average. At 2.8 percent, it ranks in the top ten for growth in major economic cities in America. This means increasing demand for property in the area, and prices will rise. Getting into the property game sooner rather than later is definitely the best economic option and with more business, comes more development. Expect to see the city expand its metro area as it continues its upward trajectory.

Top Rated Schools

The promising future of the city is a great reason to buy, but there are many who are more concerned with the future of their families. For the family men and women looking to buy in the area, there are over one thousand schools to choose from for your child’s education. Nearby Scottsdale has even posted their best high school, BASIS Scottsdale, as the best high school in the entire nation. has also listed over 50 schools in the immediate Phoenix area alone that boast a rating of eight or higher out of ten.


It’s no secret that Phoenix has one of the most desirable climates in the nation; the nickname Valley of the Sun speaks for itself. The warm, dry climate of desert living can be a much-needed relief for those looking to trade in snow shovels for golf clubs. Admittedly, the summers do get intensely hot, but if your biggest problem is that the sun always shines, the sky is always blue, and you have to wear shorts, a t-shirt, and flip flops for two months longer, there isn’t much to complain about. If you’re lucky enough to purchase property here as a second home, the Phoenix weather makes for a great opportunity to turn home number two into a rental property during the busy months.


As if the sunny weather wasn’t enough to convince you of your new home or business, the surrounding landscape of Arizona will definitely get you there. The ability to look over your shoulder and see mountains looming in the background is a privilege to be cherished in itself. The hiking, biking, skiing, and numerous other outdoor activities make Arizona as a whole, a wonderland for any active person to explore. The Sonoran Desert is perfect for any jaunt through nature, and the Grand Canyon is a mere three and a half hour drive from the city. The open air and beautiful nature of Phoenix will bring a welcome feeling of freedom from the claustrophobic skyscrapers, and dense, close quarter living of most major cities.

Endless Local Activities

Being a major city, Phoenix has enough activities and attractions within its limits to satisfy years of fun. Leaving the natural attractions aside, Phoenix houses a professional sports team in each of the four major leagues. On any given night, residents of Phoenix can attend an exciting basketball, baseball, hockey, or football game, making Phoenix one of only thirteen cities across the country to provide an option for each taste. Couple this with the weather and beauty of the landscape, and you’ve got a recipe for an amazing day and night out. Even the neighboring suburbs, such as Scottsdale, provide numerous fun options. TPC Scottsdale, one of America’s top-rated golf courses and host to the annual Waste Management Open, gives you the chance to play where the pros play. Museums, both historic and artistic, expand the diversity of options for those who favor a quiet and relaxing day. Scottsdale’s Museum of the West and the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, specifically, are top pedigree. And this is not to mention the exuberant nightlife and shopping possibilities downtown Scottsdale provides.



If the time has come to start looking for a place to retire, there’s no better option than Phoenix for many reasons. Among Forbes’s list of best places to retire in 2017, the area will likely be even higher on the list as it continues to grow in 2018. Sun City, just west of Phoenix, was the country’s first 55+ active community. Now with over 40,000 residents, it’s one of the most desirable retirement communities in the nation. There are communities designed for retirement across the Valley, from Leisure World in Mesa to Sun Lakes, just outside of Chandler. Whether the search is on for the perfect country club, recreational center, or just year-round beautiful weather, Phoenix has something for everyone.


With Phoenix being the number one housing market in 2017, and prices predicted to continue to rise in 2018, the time is right to buy in the Phoenix area. It’s location, growing economy, and predicted metropolitan developments are sure signs that property purchased now will only increase in value of the coming years. Like any investment, the key is to buy when prices are low, and all signs point to increases. So, invest in your happiness, your future, and the city of Phoenix.