Does it seem like your home cleaning projects never end? If you feel like you’re up to your knees in chores, it might be time for a new strategy. Take on 2019 with our list of six home cleaning projects you should do weekly.

  1. Sheets and Towels

Unless you spend most of the day at home rather than at an office, much of your time spent at home is likely in bed. Throughout the night, sheets and pillowcases accumulate all the dirt you’ve collected throughout the day. Additionally, body temperatures tend to fluctuate during your sleep cycles. There’s a good chance you might sweat, leaving your sheets bacteria-ridden. It’s highly suggested you give sheets and pillowcases a weekly wash to rid your bed of excess sweat, skin particles, and dirt.

On the same note, your shower and bathroom towels should be washed weekly, if not every 3-5 uses. You might ask yourself, why do I have to wash my towel so often if I’m clean when I use it? Well, when you shower, your skin becomes moist, giving dead, dry skin the opportunity to rub off. Chances are, your towel collects most of it. In addition to dead skin, your towel collects any dirt you might not have removed while showering or hand washing.

  1. Bathroom

Your bathroom is obviously a haven for bacteria and grime. While scrubbing a toilet isn’t the most ideal project, it’s an absolutely necessary once a week. Viruses and bacteria travel home with you all week long and to avoid an unnecessary sickness, it’s a good idea to clean your toilet and bathroom sinks weekly.

  1. Kitchen

If you don’t cook often, you might be able to avoid cleaning your kitchen weekly. That said, the risk of food contamination is high if you don’t dedicate a good amount of time to disinfecting your food prep area. Wipe down the counters once a week with a kitchen-safe disinfecting wipe or spray. If you’d rather go green, a vinegar and water solution will also do the trick (though your house will smell like rotting eggs for a few minutes).

Your kitchen sink also needs a good scrub once a week. Dirty dishes can take a toll on your pristine dish-washing station, so grab your gloves and get to scrubbing. Finally, finish out the kitchen with a good sweep and mop. Food, oil, and who knows what else can coat your floor with icky grime.

  1. Vacuum

Speaking of a sweep and mop, the whole house could use a cleanup about once a week as far as floors are concerned. This is especially important if you have pets that shed and bring in dirt from outside. One quick run of the vacuum should be enough to keep your carpet from collecting too much dirt over time.

  1. Dust

If you live in Phoenix, it’s necessary to dust your home about once a week. This is probably overkill for other climates, but with the seasonal monsoon and dry air, dust is a never-ending battle. Plus, if you do it weekly, you probably don’t have to move your décor around too much.

  1. Refrigerator

You don’t need to clean your fridge walls and shelves once a week, but it certainly helps to rid yourself of old food. Before you make your weekly grocery trip, clean out your fridge. Throw out any take-out boxes and leftovers that are 3+ days old. This makes Tupperware easy to clean and allows for more space and storage for the fresh stuff.

Strategically tackle these six home cleaning projects you should do weekly by doing just one per day. This leaves one day to relax or take on the rest of the chores around the house. Phoenix has a particularly special climate that creates more need to clean certain areas around the house. For more information on things you should be doing in your Phoenix home (especially if you’re getting ready to sell) contact us today!